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Smart Factory

Realisierung von Industrie-4.0-Lösungen

IPROconsult helps you deliver your big data information as smart data with ease and low waste.

Transformation of big data into smart data

The following metaphor illustrates the complex optimisations within our services within the area of “smart factory”: in order to find the important information needles in today's big data haystack, they should be provided as smart data by means of optimisation and filter processes. This allows you to access the correct and up-to-date information without search processes.

Targeted collection and processing: as much as necessary

In addition to conventional factory planning, IPROconsult supports you in data acquisition using laser scanning and the creation of 3D and VR models. The information processes and interfaces to be optimised are analysed and evaluated with regard to your requirements and the technological possibilities. The subsequent transparent transformation process from big data to smart data leads to a focus on the required information flows. Our performance is rounded off by the joint creation of functional specifications for the realisation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

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Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen

Jörn Jacobs

Als Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt-, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen und Leiter der Niederlassungen Leipzig und Riesa ist es ihm besonders wichtig offen, ehrlich und transparent mit den Kunden zu kommunizieren. Die besten Ideen kommen dem Familienvater meist beim Laufen.

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