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Industrial Facilities

Interdisziplinärer Partner für Industrieanlagen und Fabriken

IPROconsult is your interdisciplinary partner for industrial facilities. We take over the general planning for solutions that are both holistic and well thought through.

General planner for intelligent solutions

IPROconsult is your interdisciplinary partner for industrial facilities and factories, office and laboratory buildings. We take care of the general planning work and bring together all the specialists in the project to form an efficiently functioning unit. In response to your unique challenge, we develop intelligent and constructive solutions that are transparent, have a sustainable effect and work over a long period. It is not just the ordinary that we do extraordinarily well.

Holistic planning from A to Z

Starting with planning of industrial plants and development of future use scenarios, we plan the development and infrastructure for civil engineering projects. Our architects and engineers develop a solution which is both holistic and well thought through: from architecture and building construction – which includes the design, development and construction of the building as well as the technical equipment along with all supply and disposal media – through to operation and maintenance of the property with facility management.

Keeping the needs of client and user in mind

We align ourselves with your requirements and the needs of future users. That is because today buildings which are used industrially, in particular, have to meet both functional needs and high aesthetic requirements. They should operate as and have the effect of a holistic system. Right from the start, our well-established team makes sure that your project is realised within the parameters of cost and schedule.

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Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen

Jörn Jacobs

Als Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt-, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen und Leiter der Niederlassungen Leipzig und Riesa ist es ihm besonders wichtig offen, ehrlich und transparent mit den Kunden zu kommunizieren. Die besten Ideen kommen dem Familienvater meist beim Laufen.

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