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Climate Protection and Adjustment

Neue Technologien und Tools für den Klimaschutz

At IPROconsult, we are developing new technologies and tools, such as the erosion forecast model and long-term energy storage.

Technologies and expertise for climate protection

At IPROconsult we are developing new technologies and tools for climate protection, such as the erosion forecast model and a long-term storage solution for energy storage technology. We are also actively involved in international development work, including concepts for climate-adapted land use.

General planner with attention to climate protection

When it comes to development and infrastructure planning, we always have a special focus on climate protection and climate adaptation measures – as a general planner, we see it as our duty to develop sustainable scenarios and resource-saving planning options at an early stage. We focus consistently on climate-relevant aspects – both in the causal relationships and synergies between specialist planning as well as through the integration of state-of-the-art technologies.

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Leiterin Umweltconsulting

Dr. Kerstin Hartsch

Die Entwicklung und Umsetzung neuer Projekte über Schnittstellen hinweg haben es Dr. Kerstin Hartsch angetan. Mit ihrem kleinen Team kümmert sie sich um den „Wassersektor“ im In- und Ausland. Von Erosionsprävention in Marokko bis zur hydrogeologischen Begleitung eines Autobahn-Neubaus in Hessen reicht das Spektrum der Arbeit.

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