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Residential Buildings

Langlebige Wohnarchitektur für alle Generationen

For us, building homes mean first and foremost designing living space. We focus on the needs of the future residents, for example with barrier-free apartments or low-priced social housing.

Residential construction reflects social developments

For us, building homes mean first and foremost designing living space. The demographic change means that as a general planner, we are increasingly developing solutions that meet the requirements of an ageing society and that are at the same time economical. We translate social and political developments into durable residential architecture in which free space is integrated in the planning – whether for families, singles or couples.

Social housing for the needs of the inhabitants

The urbanisation of our society and the concentration in the cities are forcing more and more local governments to build social housing. But building economically does not necessarily have to result in uniform architecture: in social housing, too, we focus on the needs of the future inhabitants and give the buildings an appealing appearance. At the same time, we have in-depth knowledge of building in modules.

Ecology and funding go hand in hand

Responsible use of resources, the use of renewable energies and optimal thermal insulation are important tasks for us as a housing planner for energy-efficient construction. Being knowledgeable of the various funding programmes and using them are also an essential part of our offering. In order to make sustainable building quality measurable and comparable, we use different rating systems, labels and certificates.

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Geschäftsbereichsleiter Architektur und Hochbau

Danyel Pfingsten

Der Architekt ist ein Gestalter: sowohl in leitender Position bei IPROconsult als auch im Vorstand der Architektenkammer Sachsen. Er trägt in seinem Geschäftsbereich Architektur und Hochbau Verantwortung für ein knappes Drittel der Beschäftigten; er liebt Tennis und Tourenski-Ausflüge.

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