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Waterworks Eberswalde Stadtsee, Germany 

CustomerZweckverband für Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung Eberswalde

The existing building of the Zweckverband für Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung Eberswalde [utilities association of water supply and sewage disposal] no longer complies with the requirements for normal operation.

To increase the waterworks‘ capacity to prepare and extract pure water the machinery was updated and the building, which had significant structural defects, was extensively renovated.

The completed technical and structural extension increased the Stadtsee waterworks‘ capacity to 480 m³/h or 6,000 m³/d.

The structure is distinguished by two intersecting tiled gable roofs, which are broken down into three areas. The middle roof area over the filter hall had significant timber protection damage to the roof construction, so that all th construction‘s timber had to be replaced. The iron construction remained intact as the main structure due to listed building issues.

The pumps were relocated in the pump hall. One of the existing concrete basins under the floor was exposed for this purpose. 4 new 3.70 x 3.00 m filters were set up in the filter hall. 

The building was also structurally renovated by restoring the doors, windows, interior plastering and suspended ceilings. Listed building regulations also played a part here, for example, with the design of metal lattice windows with a profile width of 4 cm.

Gross floor area: 470 m²

Technical data:

  • Qdmax = 10500 m³/d, Qhmax= 480 m³/d
  • Replacement of externally installed filters with filters in the filter hall
  • Variant design concepts for dimensioning and installing the filters
  • Conversion of rooms to take technological equipment


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