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VON ARDENNE GmbH, New Construction of an Office Building with Training Center in Dresden, Germany 

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VON ARDENNE is a market leader in the manufacture of equipment for architectural glass coating. The company also supplies advanced coating equipment for the solar industry (solar thermal, photovoltaics, concentrated solar power). With expertise in plasma and electron beam technologies built over decades, in-depth R&D and our innovative strength that is closely related to the name VON ARDENNE, enable high-quality solutions.

The new office building with integrated training center was built to expand existing capacities in the existing industrial park in Dresden-Weißig. The new building is near several of VON ARDENNE existing office and production buildings.

The building includee room for 150 office workers and allow the flexible use of the offices (cubicle offices, open-plan office). In addition to the offices uses, including the necessary side-functions such as copier and storage rooms, there should also be a moderate degree of break and day rooms as well as rooms for creative exchange. In addition to the pure office use of the building there is be a training center that can be used for internal training and presentations and also be rented to third parties.

To ensure barrier free use, the building has a barrier-free entrance, an elevator with capacity for a stretcher and a handicapped accessible restroom in the first floor.

The building owner has decided to demonstrate the high level of sustainability throughout the building with DGNB and LEED certification. The demands and evaluation standards of both certifications will be considered in an ongoing basis in the decision process during the planning.

The DGNB certification will be according to the new construction of office and administration buildings scheme NBV 2012. The goal is a silver certification.

The certification in the american system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) will be in the category “LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovation”. In the planning process a gold certification will be sought.

Technical Information:

  • Gross floor space: 5,109 m2 
  • Gross building volume: 16,538 m3

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