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Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany New Build for Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI) 

CustomerTechnische Universität Darmstadt, Dezernat V - Bau und Immobilien

The building for the Center of Smart Interfaces is broken down into the main areas of research / laboratory, institute / professorship, administration, and seminar / conference.

An exhibition area for presenting current research results and projects is also required. This exhibition area is directly attached to the building‘s entrance and foyer area and is therefore allocated to the most public part of the building. There are seminar and conference rooms on the 1st floor. The management board and administration rooms are allocated to this area. These prominent and (semi) public functional rooms are at the northern end of the building on the first floor, facing the campus‘ central open area and are clearly evident from outside thanks to the storey-high glazing.

The laboratory area with ca. 300 m² of chemistry, microfluidics, optofluidics and surface morphology analysis lab space is at the rear of the building.

There are rooms for junior research groups on the 1st floor at the southern end. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor is completely reserved for the six professors‘ academic workplaces and can therefore be strictly separated from the public function rooms. 

The building is separated into two units of 400 m² for fire protection reasons, each one of these has a designated emergency escape stairwell. A lift is designated to the foyer, which also serves the basement. This guarantees the long-term flexible use of the building in different units of sensible size. The corridor zone between the eastern and western halves of the building is designed as a combination zone in which there is a central atrium, recreational rooms, kitchens, server rooms and toilets.

Gross floor area (incl. basement): 4,326 m²
Useful area: 16,014 m³
Building volume: 2,375 m²

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