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Rehabilitation of the Raw Water Pipeline from Cossmannsdorf Surge Tank to Coschütz Water Works, Germany 

CustomerDREWAG Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

The DN 1000 raw water pipeline from the Cossmannsdorf surge tank to Coschütz water works is part of the supply system of the Federal state capital of Dresden. The system consisting of tunnels, pipelines and hydro-electric power plants, pipes the water from the Klingenberg dam to the Coschütz water works where it is treated to bring it up to drinking water standard.

The DN 1000 raw water pipeline was laid in the years 1939 - 1945. Within the scope of the inspection carried out in 2007, DREWAG determined considerable damage in the pipeline system.

DREWAG plans to renew the pipeline continuously on a section for section basis. In consideration of the supply required by the Federal state capital of  Dresden, replacement with the  steel pipeline size DN 1200 is intended.

The consequently narrow working area represented a major challenge in terms of the planning preparation and the actual execution of the construction work involved

In order to protect the cemetery wall, which is a listed structure and to avoid impairment of the already existing developed properties, a 7 m wide working area in combination with special construction technologies were used. During the construction phase the water works needed to remain in operation and the water supply needed to be secured. The solution was the laying of 2 x DN 400 to function as an emergency supply.

Technical data:

  • Steel pipeline DN 1200
  • Replacement: 1600 m
  • Removal of the old DN 1000 raw water pipeline
  • Cathodic corrosion protection (CCP)
  • Simultaneous laying of the empty conduit system for data transmission


  • Clearance of contaminated sites
  • Road construction 
  • Already developed properties
  • Supporting wall 
  • Kindergarten outdoor facilities
  • Area preparation for sports ground extension football field
  • Replacement planting of felled trees


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