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Polypropylene Plant Tobolsk, Russia 

CustomerLinde-KCA-Dresden GmbH
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Tobolsk-Polymer LLC has chosen the Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH (LKCA) as their design institute, equipment and assembly supervisor of the polypropylene plant with an annual capacity of 500.000 t in Tobolsk in the region Tyumen, Western Siberia, based on the Innovene PP technology. 

This production plant will be part of a new complex of the SIBUR-holding JSC for dehydrating propane and for the production of polypropylene in Tobolsk, Western Siberia. 

The new complex consists of 3 separate lines: the production of 510.000 t propylene per year using propane dehydration and out of this the production of the yearly 500.000 t polypropylene.

LINCE KCA engaged IPRO with the completion of the basic design and the complete detail engineering for the disciplines structural engineering and building services engineering.

On a new to develop area, directly beneath the chemical plant SIBUR, IPRO designed a new building complex which includes all functions of the polypropylene process.

The challenge was to generate solutions for all the different requirements. So within the compressor building all concrete works had to bear dynamic loads, also a heavy crane way had to be installed.

A building with high requirements to fire protection was the separated TEAL-building for the secure storage of easily inflammable liquids, which are needed for the chemical process.

The two mirrored Catalyst-buildings with their reactors, whose agitators are able to got exchanged via a huge steel structure, is the heart of the facility.

Also the 95 m high Extruder-building is essential for the polypropylene process. Several different structural requirements meet each other in the building, so the Extruder is also dynamically embedded. The high loads of the tower like steel-superstructure are beard in the height of 35m from the lower building part.

This substructure holds 6 levels and was designed by IPRO so that all loads will be easily taken into the ground. Therefore a mixed construction of reinforced concrete and steel was chosen.

Several pipe racks, which connect the different process buildings with each other, the underground supply and disposal system as well as the paving was designed by the specialists of IPRO.

The planners of IPRO were also responsible for the heating, the ventilation and the air-conditioning of the buildings. Also the sanitary design, lightning protection and building control technology were created.

Complicated ground conditions lead to the technical solutions, like special grounding measures using linked driven piles.

The chemical materials which are used demand special technical requirements to the static, the construction, the geometry, the working-, fire- and explosion protection, for which the Fire Survey Report had to be developed.

To meet the high requirements, an extensive quality management was established, not only a self-monitoring but also an external check by specialists to meet the technical regulations, presentations and standards, to comply with the Russian norms before delivery to the Russian client.

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