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“Palace Böheim” Residential House Hans-Böheim-Straße 6, Dresden, Germany

CustomerBaywobau Baubetreuung GmbH
Project types

Integrated into an existing row of houses, the residential building Hans-Böheim-Straße 6 was built as a multi-storey building.

The house connects with the gable wall of an existing house and forms and extension of the street front.  Both the neighboring building and the building across the street were built in art-nouveau style and have sandstone facades.  The roofs are formed by attics topped by pent roofs.  The new building adopted this roof form.  Both attic storeys are tiered in order to match the form of the attic storeys in the neighboring buildings.

The residential house contains 7 full floors with a total of seventeen apartments.

On the ground floor/mezzanine floor there are 2 apartments and in the second through fourth floors there are three apartments on each floor.  In the first attic floor there are two apartments and in the second attic floor a further apartment.  All the apartments are equipped with balconies or, in the ground floor, a terrace, each of which faces the garden courtyard.

In the first basement level there are the parking garage, with entrance and exit on the Hans-Böheim-Straße, the bicycle and stroller storage room, and the connection room for the house.

In the second basement level are the storage areas assigned to each apartment.

The stairs and elevator make all the apartments, as well as the garage and storage areas, easily accessible.

Technical Information:

Gross floor space 3,015 m² 

Gross building volume: 9,04 m²

Living area: 1,617 m³

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