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New Marriott Hotel in Krasnojarsk, Russia 

CustomerOAO Krepost Hotel, Krasnojarsk
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The Marriott International hotel group is proposing to build a 200 room five star hotel in the city of Krasnojarsk, Siberia. The building is to be located on a terraced site that slopes approximately 50m upwards from the banks of the local Jenissei River. 

The architectural design is based on crystalline forms that come together in a tower which orientates in two directions – east and west. The tower consists of two main elements connected by a full height glass atrium. At the base of the tower is a plinth containing three functional areas: the entrance hall within the central atrium; this opens on one side to the ballroom and conference suite areas; and to the west are several restaurants and access to a “sky bar” with views over the town. A large well-equipped wellness spa is situated beneath the conference area. 

An innovative technical concept has been developed for the building, which includes the use of facade-mounted solar panels.

Building approval in August 2012.

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