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Modernisation of Industrial Power Station Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 

CustomerVulkan Energiewirtschaft Oderbrücke GmbH
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Vulkan Energiewirtschaft Oderbrücke GmbH Eisenhüttenstadt (VEO) plans to modernise its industrial power station in order to ensure cost-optimised supplies of electric power, process steam and heating based on utilisation of smelting gas (a mixture of blast furnace gas and converter gas) as main energy source to industrial, commercial and municipal customers.

The following major construction activities are planned within this project on the premises of VEO Power Station:

Construction of a new generating unit consisting of a boiler house, intermediate building and machine house; construction of a new cooling water pumping station, construction of a new roofed-over walkway between the newly-constructed and an existing boiler house; several transformer spill containments, pipe supports, construction of new external facilities on the worksite; construction of all required underground utility supply and disposal piping and connection to existing systems.

Technical parameters:

Generating unit:
Gross floor area: 2,986 m2
Gross cubage content: 28,603 m3

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