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German Red Cross (DRK) Hospital Chemnitz-Rabenstein Outpatient Surgery Centre, Gynaecological Clinic 

CustomerDRK gemeinnützige Krankenhaus GmbH Sachsen
Project types

Following establish of a centralised surgery department also the distributed operating rooms were combined under one roof at the DRK Hospital location.

Beside the surgery tract, an outpatient surgery centre with three operating rooms of room class II and one operating room of room class I with a central recovery area and on the downstairs floor an interdisciplinary day clinic for dermatology and gynaecology, including an outpatient area of the gynaecological clinic as a maternity centre, were created in order to optimise functional flows, also for sterile supplies transport.

Three patient rooms for a total of eight patients were created simultaneously with the direct connection of the gynaecological clinic to the outpatient surgery centre at the eastern hospital gable.

In structural engineering terms, the new buildings are two- respectively three-storey monolithic reinforced concrete volumes that are connected via communication walkways to the internal hospital route system.

Technical parameters:

Gross floor area: 2,140 m²

Gross cubage content: 8,280 m³

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