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Erosion Project Morocco: Development of the Planning Instrument “Erosion Evaluation and Prognosis” 

CustomerGerman Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

In the context of the increased worsening of the climatic conditions in Morocco, a drastic increase of longer heat waves and dry periods and at the same time more intensive events of heavy rain are predicted. As a direct consequence, the erosion threat in Morocco continues to increase dramatically. With the development of the planning instrument, damage cause by water erosion (agriculture, retaining dams, floods, damage to infrastructure) should be predicted, and targeted protection measures planned. Aside from the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), the project partners are the National Agronomic Research Institute (INRA Morocco) the Moroccan department of motorways as well as the program the KfW Bank developed for Morocco (Maghreb), “Integrated Water Management.” 

The completion and adaptation of the planning instrument “Erosion Prognosis” will make the practical implementation of nationwide erosion prevention projects reproducible and extensive for the Moroccan partners, as, for example, in the area of watershed management, anti-desertification projects, the repurposing of low-yield land as meadowland or the targeted reforestation of areas in high danger of erosion in the atlas. The project requirement of “Serviceability as a Model” should make the later transferal of the planning instrument to other comparable regions in North Africa possible. The project is being bilaterally developed and implemented together with the Moroccan side.

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