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Energy Recovery Plant EVE Premnitz, Germany 

CustomerBKB Premnitz GmbH
Project types

BKB Premnitz GmbH constructed a plant for thermal utilisation of substitute fuels in the immediate vicinity of its industrial power station at trade estate Premnitz. 

The furnace thermal capacity of the two-line facility is 28 MW at 40 bar and 400°C. Energy released during thermal utilisation is dissipated to an existing steam turbine plant via a pipe bridge. 

Building structures: 

Dimensions 65 m x 35 m x 34 m
New R.C. structure, steel canopy

Boiler house
Dimensions 42 m x 16 m x 35 m
R.C. bottom slab
Strip foundations below boiler supports
Steel construction with thermally insulated sheet steel facade 

Switchgear building
Dimensions 25 m x 11 m x 20 m
R.C. structure on strip foundations
Flue gas purification
Dimensions 24 m x 19 m x 25 m
R.C. bottom slab 

Stairwell towers
R.C. stairwell tower with prefab staircase sections and landings
Steel stairwell tower 

Ammonia storage
Dimensions 14 m x 16 m x 12 m
Steel construction auf R.C. bottom slab 

Gatekeeper building
Dimensions 13 m x 4 m x 4 m
Solid structure 

Control building
Dimensions 8 m x 9 m x 4 m
Solid structure 

Pipe bridges
Pad foundations 

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