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Comprehensive School “Adam Ries” Annaberg-Buchholz 

CustomerGroße Kreisstadt Annaberg-Buchholz

The refurbishment and extension of the inner-city school site, located in the immediate vicinity of St. Annenkirche and only a few steps away from the Market Square, retains and expands a significant urban function in the historic centre of Annaberg-Buchholz. The school quarter is – besides the Market Square and St. Annenkirche – the third large structure that is clearly set apart from the small-scale building pattern. St. Annenkirche, situated adjacently in the north-east, forms the most important spatial point of reference. 

Complex structures, differentiated spatial situations, alleys, flights of outside steps, small squares, spatial sequences are the topic from which the draft design is derived. 

As the core of the new school centre amidst the historic building fabric a modern structure will be constructed to accommodate assembly hall, refectory, library and a two-bay gymnasium. This structural part is oriented towards St. Annenkirche and with its transparency opens the school towards the town to create interesting vistas in both directions. 

The new school centre with elementary and secondary school urgently requires a stronger spatial and functional relations of the stand-alone existing buildings. This relation,
however, is not only of a structural but also of an ideal nature. The designed new building for the assembly hall, library and gymnasium is to achieve a new and shared identity of the school parts. The assembly hall has been designed as a multi-functional area and will serve as refectory, space for major school events, foyer of the double gymnasium but also for different public functions.

The facades of the new building were deliberatly designed as a contrast to the determining facades of the existing buildings and their enhanced transparency and colourfulness will brighten up the entire situation. The clear formal language of the new building will also be combined with playful elements. The interaction of the time-honoured school buildings that are carefully refurbished and complemented and the new building at the centre of the school facility creates the tremendous charm of this complex inner-city situation.

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