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Armed Forces Military History Museum, Renovation and New Build in Dresden, Germany 

CustomerFederal Ministry of Defence, represented by regional finance office Chemnitz and Sächsische Immobilien- und Baumanagement Radeberg
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With the opening of the Military Historical Museum, Dresden received one of the largest and most modern historical museums in Germany. The new building ascends to be one of the three most important national historical museums in Germany – after the Bonn House of History and the German Historical Museum in Berlin. Thematic cross-sections on culture and social history of the military history and violence are planned for the new building. A chronological tour through the epochs of military history from the late middle ages to the present runs through the renovated historical building.

Museum Area: 19,000 m²

Total building area: 28,068 m²

Technical data:

Renovation/new build of armed forces‘ museum main building and renovation of external facilities

Sanitary engineering:
Cold/warm and wastewater network, renewal of sanitary engineering equipment and drainage. New build

Fire extinguishing technology: 
Full sprinkler system for existing building and new build wedge, fire suppression systems, gas extinguishing systems for special areas 

Heating engineering:
1,700 kW heat requirement, renovation of district heating station, reconstruction of heating network, heating with flat-tube radiators and static heating surfaces, provision of ventilation heat exchangers with self-heating circuits, investigations into the use of regenerative energy

Ventilation and air-conditioning:
Ventilation and partial air-conditioning to maintain collection in the exhibition areas, separate consideration of existing building fabric and new build wedge regarding storage mass, integrated refrigeration in the partial air-conditioning systems to reduce load in roof area (1 MW refrigerating capacity) air-conditioning for archive and footage cold storage rooms

Air-conditioning of office space and production rooms with increased demands; overall cooling capacity:        450kW

Electrical engineering:
Separate transformer station 1000 KVA, medium voltage switchgear emergency power supply 280 KW, safety lighting flexible distribution system for the supply of exhibition areas, lighting systems for exhibition and administration with bus control, effect lighting for specific areas in coordination with the exhibition planner. Safety engineering according to military intelligence service documents, full surveillance of fire detection system data network for exhibition/media technology and administration, access control, video surveillance, alarm system, emergency call facilities, smoke extraction systems, sound proofing, video technology for conference areas.

Building automation: 
DDC sub-stations for control, regulation and monitoring of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, ca. 1060 data points, integration into Military Academy‘s GA

Kitchen technology: 
Equipping of cafeteria

External facilities:
Outside lighting for entire area, video surveillance, heating connection to adjacent buildings

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