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Structural Engineering / Civil Engineering Structures

Customers of IPROconsult also benefit from our general planning expertise in structural engineering – not least because this saves them time.

Structural engineering as part of general planning 

At IPROconsult, we pay special attention to providing a planning service that is cost-effective and precisely tailored to the client’s needs. For our clients, including structural engineering in the general planning not only means that they save time, but also that the project is viewed in its entirety. We offer specialist planning in all areas of transport, structural and civil engineering. 

IPROconsult has specialists for all engineering works 

IPROconsult has qualified structural engineers, welding engineers, engineers authorised to submit building documents and building inspectors in accordance with DIN 1076 - VFIB. We are prequalified at Deutsche Bahn for the planning of construction facilities, for engineering structures such as railway bridges, underpasses and overpasses, as well as for building services. Our engineers are also experienced in planning transport and engineering structures for narrow-gauge railways and tramways. 

Planning with modern work methods and tools 

We provide building and structural design services for engineering structures in transportation as well as supply and disposal systems, such as bridges, retaining walls, basins or culverts. We rely on modern work methods and tools, such as Building Information Modelling methods, and the latest construction and design software, such as SOFiSTiK, SOFiCad, REVIT and GRAITEC.

Important references


Projektleiter Wasserbau, Berlin

Dr. Imad Diban

Als Projektleiter Wasserbau arbeitet er seit 2015 bei IPROconsult in Berlin. Dort ist er zuständig für Tragwerk- und Objektplanung bei Anlagen des Massivwasserbaus.

Abteilungsleiter Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau, Dresden

Mathias Räck

2017 übernahm er die Leitung der Abteilung Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau im Büro Verkehrs-, Tief- und Ingenieurbau und bereits seit 2012 arbeitet der Ingenieur bei IPROconsult.

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