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Structual Engineering


Structural engineering combines aesthetics with stability, durability and economy.

Structural engineering as the basis of structures

Structural engineering forms the basis of buildings and is the link between architectural vision and aesthetics on the one hand and stability, durability and suitability for use on the other hand. With the aid of FEM simulations, we at IPROconsult develop the optimum load-bearing constructions for your building, taking all materials into consideration: from conventional solid construction and steel, composite steel, masonry and timber construction to modern materials such as glass and textiles.

Holistic, value-adding planning from a single source

Right from the beginning, IPROconsult works closely and as equal partners with builders, architects and other specialist engineers in a planning process. We guarantee holistic, value-adding planning in which responsibility for the entire project comes from a single source: that of the general planner IPROconsult.

Simulations and visualisations for good understanding

The spatial models developed by IPROconsult serve to visualise the building and enable you to understand the solutions that have been conceptualised at an early stage.


  • Feasibility studies and structural concepts
  • Spatial structural simulations and visualisations
  • Verifiable static calculations
  • Calculation of load-bearing building construction, covering all materials for solid construction, steel construction, composite steel construction, masonry construction, timber construction up to modern materials such as glass (and textile)
  • Preparation of reinforcement and construction plans
  • Monitoring of the construction site with acceptance of the reinforcement
  • Expert report
  • Rehabilitation concepts / renovation
  • Reinforcement and restoration

Important references


Abteilungsleiter Tragwerksplanung, Dresden

Mirko Neumann

Bereits seit 2003 ist der Ingenieur bei IPROconsult – zuerst als Planungsingenieur Statik, später als Projektleiter und stellvertretender Abteilungsleiter und seit 2018 leitet er die Abteilung Tragwerksplanung im Büro Architektur und Hochbau in Dresden. 

Abteilungsleiter Tragwerksplanung, Leipzig

Christoph Käßler

Mit 12jähriger Berufserfahrung im Bereich Statik, Konstruktion und Projektleitung für Industriebau begann 1993 die Tätigkeit als Statiker und Projektleiter bei der IPROconsult. Seit 2005 ist er Leiter der Abteilung Tragwerksplanung in Leipzig.

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