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Preservation of Historical Monuments

IPROconsult is your interdisciplinary partner and general planner for the renovation and reconstruction of historical buildings and monuments of all eras.

Interdisciplinary partner for renovation and reconstruction

IPROconsult is your interdisciplinary partner for the redevelopment, reconstruction and renovation of listed buildings of all eras. We undertake general planning on your behalf and bring together all the specialists required for your project. We translate the complex conditions of historical architecture into plausible solutions. The interpretation and integration of the structural conditions, the appropriate use of local materials and the richness of contemporary architecture form the basis for intelligent and efficient solutions that are sustainable and remain functional for a long time.

Thoughtful, holistic planning from a single source

Our approach to planning is holistic and starts by us developing future usage scenarios for your project. Taking our cue from conservation-related and user-specific interests, our planners combine architecture and interior space, the renovation and reconstruction of historical substance and the new build to produce impressive results. Planning of building services, development and infrastructure as well as outdoor facilities play an important role right from the start and forms an integral part of the solution.

An eye on conservation of energy and resources

We optimise the environmental aspects for the entire life cycle of the historical monument. From keeping the consumption of energy and resources to the minimum to implementing and networking passive and active elements of the building services, our focus is on sustainable overall cost-effectiveness. This naturally includes certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) or the German sustainable construction evaluation system (BNB).

Important references


Geschäftsbereichsleiter Architektur und Hochbau

Danyel Pfingsten

Der Architekt ist ein Gestalter: sowohl in leitender Position bei IPROconsult als auch im Vorstand der Architektenkammer Sachsen. Er trägt in seinem Geschäftsbereich Architektur und Hochbau Verantwortung für ein knappes Drittel der Beschäftigten; er liebt Tennis und Tourenski-Ausflüge.

Abteilungsleiter Architektur, Dresden

Daniel Reich

Der Architekt war bereits von 2007 bis 2011 als Projektleiter Architektur und Generalplanung bei IPROconsult. Nach einem Ausflug bei einem kleineren Architekturbüro ist er seit 2018 zurück und leitet die Abteilung Architektur.

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