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As specialists in hydrogeology, we plan groundwater utilisation, as well as mining and water law measures in the mining industry and carry out investigations of contaminated sites.

Extensive portfolio of hydrogeological planning

Clean drinking water is one of the most valuable commodities in the 21st century. In Germany, it is mostly obtained from groundwater. At IPROconsult, we plan the use of groundwater from exploration work through the construction of measuring points and wells, to hydrogeochemical assessment of groundwater. In addition, we plan hydrogeological measures for the investigation of contaminated sites, operating plans required by mining law or opencast mining dewatering with appropriate drainage measures.

Hydrogeological planning from a single source

IPROconsult takes over all planning and exploration activities “under the surface” from a single source. We create the stable subsurface and thus prevent future building damage and expensive failed investments. Success for your project without getting your feet wet. 

Expertise and quality in the planning of your project

We provide you with experienced specialists who plan your project with extensive expertise and specific solutions. Thanks to a large network of other service providers, we also solve difficult cases and implement them efficiently and sustainably. In this way, we position your investment on a high-quality foundation of solid planning.

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Abteilungsleiter Hydrogeologie, Greifswald

Holger Fehlhaber

Arbeitet seit 2015 als Abteilungsleiter Hydrogeologie bei IPROconsult in Greifswald.

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