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Factory Planning

With factory planning, we can execute processes, layouts and requirements in order to optimally structure and design your production facility.

Structured method for optimised production

At IPROconsult, factory planning is a complex field of activity in which we can do much more than simply plan conventional industrial buildings. With the aid of the structured methodology of factory planning, we can execute every process, every layout and every requirement in order to optimally structure and design your production facility.

Three planning stages with variable starting points

We plan factories, industrial buildings and equipment layouts in three stages: the design, concept and detail phases provide the logical order of the work packages in order to plan for new or existing production and the corresponding storage facilities. The starting point is variable: all services are modular and can be selected in stages.

Factory planning from concept to construction supervision

To be specific, we take care of requirements management as well as strategic location development, but also technology screening and process planning (Continual Improvement Process – CIP). We optimise the flow of materials, plan efficient layouts and advise you on all matters relating to Industry 4.0 and networked production. Of course, we plan the resulting investments and undertake both controlling and construction supervision.

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Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen

Jörn Jacobs

Als Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt-, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen und Leiter der Niederlassungen Leipzig und Riesa ist es ihm besonders wichtig offen, ehrlich und transparent mit den Kunden zu kommunizieren. Die besten Ideen kommen dem Familienvater meist beim Laufen.

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