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Ecological / Environmental Monitoring of Construction Work

IPROconsult is your certified and competent partner for environmental monitoring of construction work. In your interest, we work to ensure compliance with nature conservation regulations during construction.

Representing the interests of our client

IPROconsult sees itself as the client’s adviser and representative in the area of environmental monitoring of construction sites and works with the goal of fast, cooperative and creative implementation of nature conservation requirements. We have the necessary technical and human resources for our employees to provide all the necessary services. Our employees all understand that this objective must be established anew for every new construction project, and that this is done through intensive communication and coordination. 

Sustainable planning of comprehensive measures

Nature and the landscape are impacted by various construction activities. This is why replacement measures, for certain species of flora and fauna for instance, are usually required these days. We identify, describe and assess the ecological consequences of an activity that has an environmental impact on the surrounding areas. We conceptualise measures for avoiding and minimising environmental impact as well as corresponding protective measures. We also plan any compensatory and replacement measures that may be required.

Proven cooperation with authorities and associations

With our many years of experience and sound contacts in the industry, we usually enjoy excellent cooperation with municipal districts and superordinate authorities, associations and organisations. We try to come to an agreement on as many points as possible with the public authorities even before the official approval of plans. This also includes on-site appointments at critical points. 

Our services in ecological and environmental monitoring of construction sites:

  • Ecological environmental management (certified) with implementation of species conservation measures (special knowledge: including molluscs, formica ant specialist; certified antkeeper)
  • Mapping services (avifauna, amphibians, reptiles, biotopes)
  • Forestry evaluation
  • German FLL tree inspection (certified)

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