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Die Methode BIM bietet neue Perspektiven und Entwicklungschancen, die eine transparente Planung sichern und es ermöglichen, Entscheidungen belastbar zu treffen.

General planner with BIM competence

With our experience of more than 70 years in general planning, we have the knowledge and the competence to realise complex construction projects. At the same time, the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method provides us with new perspectives and development opportunities that ensure transparent planning and make it possible for decisions to be made with certainty. That's why we do our planning according to the BIM methodology and advise our clients on the implementation and use of BIM.

Smart solutions for the buildings of tomorrow

The digitisation of the construction industry is constantly progressing. Today already, there are trends that must be taken seriously. In the future, the Internet of Things (IoT) will network buildings with information and data from different sources. Buildings independently learn to regulate their technical equipment or trigger maintenance orders. That is why we are already now working on the tasks of tomorrow, so that we will always be able to offer our clients smart and intelligent solutions, such as virtual-reality site inspections.

BIM consulting for market partners

We deliver technical and coordination models from a single source and advise our clients on the possibilities and opportunities offered by this method. We also incorporate our BIM experience, gained from IPROconsult's active planning business, into our consulting services. In BIM consulting, we assist our market partners with our expertise and minimise the costs of introducing Building Information Modelling.

With the BIM method, we support our customers along the value chain and the entire life cycle of a building:

Construction preparation
  • Clarification of goals and opportunities for BIM applications in the project
  • Advice on the preparation of client information requirements (CIR)
  • Creating the technical and HR framework conditions
  • Working out the specifics in the construction process according to the BIM methodology
  • General planning with the BIM methodology
  • Creation of the BIM project management plan (PMP)
  • Creation, consolidation and coordination of specialised models of all trades
  • Early detection of conflicts by means of digital clash detection
  • Integration of physical, physics and descriptive data into three-dimensional components for use in further life cycle phases
  • Digitisation of the task and approval processes
  • Live inspection of the future construction project via virtual reality before the groundbreaking ceremony
  • BIM project management
  • Support of the construction site via digital construction supervision
  • Clarification of the information requirements for the construction
  • Provision of the digital model for contractors, partners and clients
  • Avoidance of loss of information during the transition to going operational
  • Transfer of planning data as a digital project archive
  • Identifying information needs for operation and integration into the model
  • Integration of the digital model into the FM system
  • Integration of conversion measures into the digital twin
  • Accompanying the digital dismantling process
  • Support and optimisation of processes through algorithms
  • Tracking of building components and quantities in the process

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Christoph Großmann

Begleitet als BIM-Manager mit seinem Team die Einführung von BIM in Unternehmen, entwickelt gemeinsam mit dem Kunden deren BIM-Strategie und unterstützt bei der Durchführung von Pilotprojekten.

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