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Architecture by IPROconsult results in structures that are impressive in terms of both their appearance and content.

Modern architecture for satisfied users

To us, architecture in the 21st century means knowing all the factors that influence a project and implementing useful design options. In this way, structures can be created that are impressive in terms of both their appearance and content. Of course, it is people that determine architectural quality. We only talk about a building being successful if the floor plan is clear, the façade is harmonious, functionality is high and the subsequent users are happy.

Efficient planning brings form and function together

Creative ideas and architectural visions take shape in our work. However, before the initial ideas and sketches are put to paper, we perform careful analyses and in-depth research. We consult structural and expert engineers and incorporate their expertise into our work. This early integration of expert knowledge prevents expensive corrective works later and makes it possible for our architects to bring form and function together into perfect harmony in every design.

We combine ecology and economy for good architecture

The buildings of today require an environmentally sustainable architecture. Even though costs and location form the basis, design and functionality are the framework: in 21st century Germany, architecture is applied environmental protection. Our architectural standards include efficient energy use, recyclable building materials and a sustainable view of the overall lifetime of a building – from idea to dismantling.

Important references


Geschäftsbereichsleiter Architektur und Hochbau

Danyel Pfingsten

Der Architekt ist ein Gestalter: sowohl in leitender Position bei IPROconsult als auch im Vorstand der Architektenkammer Sachsen. Er trägt in seinem Geschäftsbereich Architektur und Hochbau Verantwortung für ein knappes Drittel der Beschäftigten; er liebt Tennis und Tourenski-Ausflüge.

Niederlassungsleiter Stuttgart

Björn Griemberg

Vom planenden Architekten über den Projektleiter und den Co-Abteilungsleiter Architektur in Dresden führte sein Weg 2018 nach Stuttgart, wo er seitdem die wachsende Niederlassung leitet. Der Familienmensch fährt gern Rennrad, spielt Volleyball und macht Urlaub in den Bergen.

Abteilungsleiter Architektur, Dresden

Daniel Reich

Der Architekt war bereits von 2007 bis 2011 als Projektleiter Architektur und Generalplanung bei IPROconsult. Nach einem Ausflug bei einem kleineren Architekturbüro ist er seit 2018 zurück und leitet die Abteilung Architektur.

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