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A wealth of experience spanning seven decades. 

We were founded in 1949 to rebuild the city of Dresden after it suffered severe destruction. With our work, which continues to this day, we made it possible for Dresden to be a highly liveable city once again. It is from this rather special history that our expertise as a general planner originates – an expertise that will benefit you and your project in many locations and on many levels.


Founded in Dresden in 1949, our first task was to rebuild our beautiful city after its devastating destruction.


The “HO Kaufhaus” was the first new building constructed in Dresden after the war and is still a prominent building in Dresden's city centre today. Other important projects included the “Nossener Brücke” thermal power plant and the “Transformer and X-Ray Equipment Plant” in Dresden, as well as glass factories in China, among others.


The production buildings for Europe's first porcelain factory in Meissen. Further projects of significance for us were the “Institute of Nuclear Technology” in Dresden and the fibreglass factory in Oschatz.


The Cottbus train station remains a prominent feature of the city to this day. Another important project was “Herrenmode Dresden”, which was awarded the architecture prize of the magazine “Architecture of the GDR”. It was also one of the first projects in which lift slab construction was used.


With its aesthetics, the Zinnerz Altenberg was one of the pioneering production sites of East Germany. In addition, we planned the Zentrum Mikroelektronik in Dresden and the Planeta printing press factory in Radebeul. 


The vocational school centre in Freital represents contemporary architecture and modern learning opportunities. Other important projects were the operations centre Schwarze Pumpe, the district hospital in Radebeul and the wastewater treatment plant in Oederan.


Our most famous project to date was the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.


Kloster Raitenhaslach

Wir planten u.a. das Kloster Raitenhaslach für die TU München, das Institutsgebäude CSI für die TU Darmstadt, sechs Bahnhöfe in Mitteldeutschland und waren beteiligt an der Planung des Militärhistorischen Museums Dresden. In der Infrastruktur waren wir verantwortlich für die Erschließung eines Wohngebietes in Abu Dhabi, im Bereich des Umweltconsultings verwirklichten wir Projekte in Marokko, Indien und China.

seit 2019

Building Information Modeling

Die Potenziale für die weitere Digitalisierung der Bau(planungs)branche sind enorm. Unser Team aus Digitalisierungsexperten wächst und mit ihm die Aufgaben und Herausforderungen.

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