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About IPROconsult

General Planning in three Business Areas.

We concentrate our expertise in three business areas. This is how we ensure that you receive our full service at all times, from small constructions to major projects. Depending on your needs, selected specialists or interdisciplinary teams are available to you.

We create living spaces by looking at the big picture

As architects and engineers, we create the spaces and structures in which the standard of living and the quality of life of our society proceed with structured development. Designing these habitats is our way of contributing to the future of a modern society.

We approach every project as a whole – from convincing design to consistent cost orientation.

Focusing on the big picture.

For us, it is always the big picture that is the project. It is at the core of how we think and how we work – from design to planning, from realisation to support. At the same time, looking at the big picture also means that we can clearly control the cost-effectiveness of the project – in your interest and in the interest of the end result.

We approach every project as a whole – from convincing design to consistent cost orientation.

Out of our own development grows long-term quality. This transfer of competence and knowledge flows into every project.

The big picture is all about working together.

We see the big picture by learning from and with each other – from you and your project, as well as from all the tasks we work on. With clearly harmonised interfaces and clear coordination, we facilitate a collaboration that result in smooth-running projects.

With networked planning and the latest technologies, we make buildings intelligent. This is the future, and it starts today.

IPROconsult at a glance.

We look at the project as a whole: from usage scenarios (project development), foundations and infrastructures (civil engineering) to design, configuration and construction (architecture and structural planning), outfitting with all media (technical equipment) and ongoing operation of the building (facility management). 
14 officesin Germany
Offices abroad inAustria and Morocco
Founded in 1949
Around350 employees
annually over150 Projects


Seeing the big picture in management.

As the management team of IPROconsult, it is important for us to see the big picture: every employee, every team, every business unit and the entire company. At the same time, we apply this attention to detail to every client and every project. The development of the markets in which we operate is also crucial, so that we can guide IPROconsult prudently into the future.

There are currently many changes that have a significant effect on our competences and achievements as architects and engineers. We live in a time when we can achieve a great deal. This offers us exciting opportunities to realise our aspiration: in the midst of change, we can shape the quality of life of our society.

Management team from left to right: Jörn Jacobs (Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division), Lutz Junge (CEO), Thomas Wauer (CFO), Maik Schmeichel (Head of the Infrastructure Division), Danyel Pfingsten (Head of the Architecture and Structural Engineering Division)



Lutz Junge

Der Diplom-Kaufmann trat 1993 ins Unternehmen ein, wurde Leiter Controlling, später Leiter Rechnungswesen, dann Prokurist und im Oktober 2011 zum Vorstand der IPRO DRESDEN bestellt. Nach der Ausgliederung des operativen Geschäfts im Juli 2013 übernahm der dreifache Familienvater zudem die Position des Geschäftsführers der IPROconsult GmbH.

Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen

Jörn Jacobs

Als Geschäftsbereichsleiter Umwelt-, Energie- und Fabrikanlagen und Leiter der Niederlassungen Leipzig und Riesa ist es ihm besonders wichtig offen, ehrlich und transparent mit den Kunden zu kommunizieren. Die besten Ideen kommen dem Familienvater meist beim Laufen.

Geschäftsbereichsleiter Infrastruktur

Maik Schmeichel

Seit November 2004 arbeitet der Diplomingenieur für Wasserwirtschaft gerne mit dem Team der IPROconsult-Niederlassung in Berlin/Brandenburg und darüber hinaus mit allen Beschäftigten seines Geschäftsbereichs Infrastruktur. In seiner Freizeit sieht er am liebsten hochkarätige Fußballspiele live im Stadion.

Geschäftsbereichsleiter Architektur und Hochbau

Danyel Pfingsten

Der Architekt ist ein Gestalter: sowohl in leitender Position bei IPROconsult als auch im Vorstand der Architektenkammer Sachsen. Er trägt in seinem Geschäftsbereich Architektur und Hochbau Verantwortung für ein knappes Drittel der Beschäftigten; er liebt Tennis und Tourenski-Ausflüge.

Kaufmännischer Leiter

Thomas Wauer

Seit 2017 verantwortet er Rechnungswesen und Controlling des Generalplaners. Der Diplom-Kaufmann ist Geschäftsleitungsmitglied und „Herr der Zahlen“. Wochenenden im Spreewald, Volleyball und Skifahren bilden seinen Ausgleich zu Liquiditätsplanung und Jahresabschlüssen.

A wealth of experience spanning seven decades. 

We were founded in 1949 to rebuild the city of Dresden after it suffered severe destruction. With our work, which continues to this day, we made it possible for Dresden to be a highly liveable city once again. It is from this rather special history that our expertise as a general planner originates – an expertise that will benefit you and your project in many locations and on many levels.



Founded in Dresden in 1949, our first task was to rebuild our beautiful city after its devastating destruction.


The “HO Kaufhaus” was the first new building constructed in Dresden after the war and is still a prominent building in Dresden's city centre today. Other important projects included the “Nossener Brücke” thermal power plant and the “Transformer and X-Ray Equipment Plant” in Dresden, as well as glass factories in China, among others.


The production buildings for Europe's first porcelain factory in Meissen. Further projects of significance for us were the “Institute of Nuclear Technology” in Dresden and the fibreglass factory in Oschatz.


The Cottbus train station remains a prominent feature of the city to this day. Another important project was “Herrenmode Dresden”, which was awarded the architecture prize of the magazine “Architecture of the GDR”. It was also one of the first projects in which lift slab construction was used.


With its aesthetics, the Zinnerz Altenberg was one of the pioneering production sites of East Germany. In addition, we planned the Zentrum Mikroelektronik in Dresden and the Planeta printing press factory in Radebeul. 


The vocational school centre in Freital represents contemporary architecture and modern learning opportunities. Other important projects were the operations centre Schwarze Pumpe, the district hospital in Radebeul and the wastewater treatment plant in Oederan.


Our most famous project to date was the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.

References that document competence. 

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